The Illuminated Tile Block With loT

We are passionate about eco-friendly products empowered by the Internet of Things(IoT) and dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in the ralm of green electronics.

Revolutionizing Infrastructure

Paver Tile Block - A Sustainable Powerhouse with Solar Energy, Recycled Plastics, and IoT-Enabled ESDM Components.

Rugged Innovation

Explore the rugged capabilities of the Paver Tile Block, designed to withstand heavy loads, making it ideal for footpaths, roads, and beyond.

Versatile Applications

Uncover the extensive applications of the Paver Tile Block, extending from defense sectors to disaster mitigation.

Digital Transformation

Experience the Paver Tile Block as a catalyst for digital transformation, providing instant wireless networks, power banks, and modular functionalities.

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Tons of CO2 Saved

Energy Efficiency

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The PAVER 360 is an innovative floor illumination solution that integrates smart technology with environmental consciousness. It is powered by the Internet of Things (loT) and is designed to minimize carbon footprints and conserve energy. CarbonOut is committed to revolutionizing the electronic industry with sustainable loT solutions, fostering a greener future.


IOT Enabled

This interconnected ecosystem enables enhanced functionality, automation, and data-driven insights across various industries and daily life.

Solar Powered

Solar power harnesses energy from the sun, converting it into both electricity and heat through the use of solar panels.

Made from Recycled plastic

Plastic recycling transforms waste into new products, mitigating dependence on landfills from plastic pollution.

Sustainable Infrastructre

This approach ensures that the infrastructure not only meets current needs but also considers long-term environmental, social, and economic impacts.

Road Safety Applications

Road safety applications utilize real-time traffic monitoring, predictive analytics, and collision prevention systems to reduce accidents.

National Highways

Public-private partnerships and innovative financing models are also being explored for efficient project delivery.



Carbon Out was founded with a vision to revolutionize the energy industry through IoT technology.


We expanded our operations globally, partnering with businesses to drive sustainable practices.


We introduced cutting-edge green energy solutions, setting new benchmarks in the industry.


We are ready to lunch to market with B2G and B2B process with our innovative product.

Why Us

Our cutting-edge solutions integrate smart technology with environmental consciousness, offering a range of innovate products that minimize carbon footprints and conserve energy.


Sustainable Drives

At Carbon Out, we are committed to driving sustainable practices and revolutionizing.


IoT Tech

With our cutting-edge IoT technology and customized solutions, we empower businesses.


Renewable Solutions

Customized renewable energy solutions to meet your sustainability goals.

Founder Who Build

Pradipta Panigrahi, the co-founder of CarbonOut Techcom Private Limited, is a Green Ambassador of Odisha and a visionary entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the field of green technology. He is passionate about developing innovative solutions to address the challenges of climate change.


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Mechanical Engineer

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Mechanical Engineer

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Business Administration

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Electrical Engineer

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